The IJHS publishes the journal Indiana Jewish History. Many of the past publications are available at $10.00 each. Please contact us for more information.

  • Bonds as Strong as Steel: A history of Indiana scrap metal dealers and their families. 2011 Special Edition price $12.50

  • John Jacob Hays: The First Known Jewish Resident of Fort Wayne. By Joseph Levine. March 1973

  • The First Hundred and Twenty Five Years. By Ruth Zweig. September 1973.

  • Congregation B'nai Torah ~ The First 50 Years. By Mrs. Nandor Fruchter. Published by Congregation B'nai Torah, Indianapolis, in 1973. Distributed by the Indiana Jewish Historical Society in 1973

  • A Record of Service. By Mrs. Robert Schwab. June 1974

  • A Hoosier Rabbinate: Memoirs of Rabbi Morris M. Feuerlicht. By Morris M. Feuerlicht. November 1974

  • The Biography of Minnette Baum. By Harriet Miller. July 1975

  • The Jewish Experience in Indiana Before the Civil War: An Introduction. By W. William Wimberely, II. July 1976

  • The History of the Jewish Community of Valparaiso. By Mrs. Philip Cagen, Mrs. Alfred J. Kokak, and Mr. & Mrs. Ben Linkimer. Socio-Economic Survey of the Jewish Community of Marion. By Barbara Resneck. Three Journeys. By Joseph Levine. June 1976

  • A Brief History of the Lafayette Orthodox Hebrew Free Loan Society. By Chester E. Eisinger. Preface to the History of the Jewish People and a Sketch of the Jewish Congregation in the City of Muncie. By Alexander L. Shonfield. The American Heritage ~ Roots of Greatness. By Joseph Levine. July 1977

  • The Jews of Ligonier - An American Experience. By Lois Fields Schwartz. January 1978.

  • History of the Jewish Community of Columbus, Indiana. By Gladys Kaminsky Searching for your Jewish Roots. By Dr. Abraham J. Peck. September 1978

  • Peddlers to Merchants. By Joseph Levine. July 1979

  • Israel Elkin - Autobiography as Related to Sarah Elkin Braun. February 1980

  • History of the Jews of Columbia City and Whitley County Indiana. By A. K. Strouse. History of the Kraus Family. By Eugene Kraus, Sr. The Goldstein Family History. By Louis L. Goldstein. November 1980

  • The Emergence of a Jewish Community in Richmond, Indiana. By Lance Jonathan Sussman. May 1981

  • The Jew No One Really Knew. By Ruth Uyesugi. History of Hadassah and the Zionist Movement in Fort Wayne. By Esther Kretzman Schwartz. Memories of a Hoosier Girl. By Ruth Sapinsky. My Work in Germany with Jewish Survivors of World War II. By Joseph Levine. Indiana Jewish Pioneers (Reprints of articles which originally appeared in the Jewish Post and Opinion. January 1982

  • Growing Up in Gary: A Random Memoir. By Jeanette Pass Goldhar. Reflections: The Writing of Indiana Jewish History. By Rabbi Lance J. Sussman. A Report on the "Gimbel Buildings". By Richard Day. June 1983

  • Country Doctor. By Betty E. Stein. What is the Use of American Jewish Community History? By Professor Jonathan D. Sarna. The Holocaust: Eyewitness Responses of Survivors. By Rabbi Raphael Ostrovsky. A Brief History of the Lafayette Orthodox Hebrew Free Loan Association, Part II: 1960-1980. By Prof. Martin Light. June 1984

  • Preserving your Community History. By Judith E. Endelman. Memoirs of a Jewish Farmer in Indiana. By Abe Ruderman. Sketches of Synagogue Life. By Dr. Martin Light. When the Grand Dukes Drilled in Indiana. By Tevie Jacobs. June 1985.

  • Feldman ~ A Little-Known American Jewish Hero. By Joseph Levine. A Little History of Dr. E. E. Yosowitz and His Family. By Dr. Edward E. Yosowitz. The Life of Max Tannenbaum ~ A Profile of Inspiration. By John A. Bowerman. A World War II Experience. By Anne Schneider. From Generation to Generation ~ A History of the Terre Haute Jewish Community: An Interim Report. By Herman Koren, R.P.S., M.P.H., H.S.D. February 1986

  • Memoirs of Shabbos In Hammond. By Gail Hartmann Golden August 3, 1856 - The Dedication of the Synagogue in Madison. By Elizabeth Weinberg. The Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis 1971-1986. By Anita Heppner Plotinsky. August 1986

  • The Benjamin and Bessie Zeigler Family of Muncie Indiana. By Marie Fraser. Always on Thursdays. By Tevie Jacobs. Henry Loeb. By David Woll. Jewish Transients in Fort Wayne. By Joseph Levine. Minsk 1915: The Rabbi Wept". By Joseph Levine. July 1987

  • Visitor's Tour — Madison Indiana's Jewish Community 1949-1923. By Elizabeth Weinberg. Little House of Taylor Street. By Hazel Kraus Marks My Son, The Rabbi: The Changing Culture of the American Jew. By Professor Derek Jonathan Penslar. A Biographical Note On Bessie Lowenhaupt. By Judith Saul Stix. April 1988

  • Bernard Felsenthal's Madison. By Elizabeth Weinberg. Adas Israel's First Teacher ~ Bernard Felsenthal. By Elizabeth Weinberg. History of the Anglo - Jewish Press in Indiana. By Tevie Jacobs. Abraham Jacobs: 105 Years Young. By Marcia Knowles October 1988

  • a Nickel or Dine for Charity. By Tevie Jacobs. Marion's Chosen Few, Exodus - Marion Style, The Temple. By Jerry Miller. The Engle Family. By Shirley Morse. The Boruchovicz Siddur. By Joseph Levine. August 1989

  • P For Pals. By Tevie Jacobs. The Jews of Hammond, Their Homes and Businesses, 1937- 1954. By Daniel Levin. Ethics and The Tree of Knowledge. By Dr. Thomas Ehrlich, President of I.U. Changes in Fort Wayne. By Joseph Levine. June 1990

  • Israelites on the Ohio. A History of Madison's Indiana Jews. By Elizabeth Shaikun Weinberg. American Jewish History ~ Some Contrary Views. By Martin D. Schwartz. July 1991

  • "As We Remember:" Early History of the Jewish Community in Gary Indiana. By Jeannette Goldhar and Frances Nelson. A Litvak in Hammond. By Daniel Levin A Cross Blazed in Every Park in Hammond. By Arthur Meyers.

  • Beginnings of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society. By Max Einstandig When the Cincy R.R. Excursions Helped Hold the Jewish Families Together. By Tevie Jacobs. Individual Lives Speak History: The Jewish Community in Northwest Indiana. By Arthur S. Meyers. August 1993

  • Way It Was That Day. By Mary Fink and Tevie Jacobs. Jewish Colony of Whiting. By Daniel L. Levin. Twin City Tachlis. By Daniel L. Levin. August 1994

  • On The Banks Of The Wabash. By Irit Erez-Boukai. History Of Death The Jewish Way In Indianapolis. By Tevie Jacobs August 1996

  • Lives, One Community: The Jewish Experience In Evansville. Professor Darrel E. Bigham. The Jews of The Calumet Region. By Dan Rottenberg The Michiana Jewish Experience. By Professor Patrick Furlong July 2000

  • Israelites On The Ohio: A History of the Jews of Madison, IN by Elizabeth Shaikun Weinberg. The Jewish "Community" of Churubusco, IN. By Maureen Grinsfelder. Mystery of the Two Jewish Lodges in Indianapolis That Historians Missed, by Tevie Jacobs. July 2000

  • Oral Histories of the Etz Chaim Sephardic Jewish Congregation. By Irit Erez- Boukai. February 2001

  • A Century of Jewish Education in Indianapolis: 1860 to 1960. By Lindsey Mintz. A Tree Of Life: An Early History of the Indianapolis Bureau of Jewish Education. July 2003

  • Jewish History of the Indiana Dunes Country: 1830-1950. By Trent D. Pendley. September 2004

  • The Middletown Jewish Oral History Project II. December 2005

  • There are Jews in Southern Indiana: The Bloomington Story.  By Katie Himm and Lana Ruegamer Eisenberg.  October 2009

  • This snapshot shows guests visiting the statue of Abraham Lincoln by sculptor Charles Keck that was commissioned by Alexander New in 1932. The Jewish Rodof Sholom cemetery contains over three hundred graves but only three families make their homes there in the 21st century. The statue is located in Wabash, Indiana.

    The IJHS hosted its 2007 spring meeting at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana. Scores of guests attended a lecture by the county historian on by-gone Wabash Jewish community, and also participated on a walking tour past mansions built by local merchant princes and their storefront that dominated the once thriving business district.

    The IJHS often hosts exhibits around the state and participated in three consecutive Cultural Connections displays at the Indiana Welcome Center along the Borman Expressway in Hammond.

    Portrayed here is a panel from the “Women of Valor” that opened in 2006 and has subsequently been shown in Munster, Beverly Shores and in Chicago. The exhibit profiled 40 Jewish women who had contributed to the quality of life in LaPorte, Porter and Lake counties in the northwestern most corner of Indiana.

    A Torah procession leaving Congregation Achduth Vesholom in Fort Wayne April 7, 1961 from their Temple on Wayne and Fairfield. Leading the procession from left to right are Rabbi Frederic Doppelt of Achduth Vesholom, Rabbi Leo Stillpass of Beth Zion Temple, Johnstown, PA, and five members of the congregation holding the Torahs: William Bronstein, Sidney Hutner, Dr. Elmer Zweig, G. Irving Latz II and Earl Brenn. The Torahs were entrusted to those carrying them until the new Temple was dedicated at 5200 Old Mill Road.